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NetFile Gives Back - Webinar
Thursday, August 13, 2020, 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM PST
Category: Education Workshops

NetFile Gives Back - Webinar


Navigating the New Normal to Create HIGHER Quality, LESS Stress, and MORE Happiness in Work & Life


CCAC is pleased to announce the 4th Free Give Back to City Clerks Webinar of the year sponsored by NetFile. Join us Thursday, August 13, 2020 from 8:30 am – 12:30 pm for a webinar on Navigating the New Normal to Create HIGHER Quality, LESS Stress, and MORE Happiness in Work & Life.    

We are happy to invite back for this new webinar the award-winning author and keynote speaker Andy Masters. Participants attending the webinar who submit a completed learning assessment will earn 1 IIMC CMC/MMC point (pending). Here are the particulars:

Time and Date of Webinar:                 Thursday, August 13, 2020 / 8:30 am – 12:30 pm

Registration:                                        REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED

To Register Send E-mail To:               [email protected]

Course Description

Navigating the New Normal to Create HIGHER Quality, LESS Stress, and MORE Happiness in Work & Life    

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, Government agencies have downsized and are operating extremely trim. Never before have administrators and employees been asked to wear so many hats, and “do more with less”–both in the office and remotely–while balancing the anxiety of health, finances, and family.

Join national Author/Speaker Andy Masters for this timely, interactive, and impactful program which truly helps attendees embrace our “New Normal” in both work and life. 

  • Be a light of positivity and solutions during stressful and turbulent times.
  • Decrease anxiety by focusing only on those things which you can control.
  • Embrace change by turning from “stressed and depressed” to “lucky and blessed”.
  • Become a master of focus, prioritization, and “strategic procrastination“.
  • Develop a new perspective on what is most important in your life, and career.
  • Engage Andy’s mantra “either you control your schedule, or your schedule controls you.”

Andy also illustrates the life-changing “YES/NO” principle to inspire audiences to focus the most quality time possible on the activities which are most rewarding for YOU.  Andy’s positive and entertaining program provides specific tools you can apply immediately to recharge, refocus, and happily embrace our “New Normal” in both work and life!

Andy’s bio:

Andy is an award-winning author and international speaker who has presented over 1,000+ entertaining and impactful programs for 100,000+ attendees.  He has been featured on many major media outlets — including LifeTime Television, PBS, Investor’s Business Daily, and Leadership Excellence magazine.  Andy has earned the prestigious “CSP” award/designation of the National Speakers Association, the highest international recognition for professional speakers, in which less than 10% of over 5,000+ speakers worldwide have achieved. 

Andy is based in Orlando, Florida, and served as 2018/19 President of the National Speakers Association Central Florida Chapter — representing 125+ authors, speakers, and experts in the region. Andy’s professional career has included working for two high-profile performance improvement and marketing services firms, where his clients included Lexus, Honda, Nestle-Purina, and Anheuser Busch.  Andy escaped the corporate world just in time to preserve his sanity, as he followed his passion for speaking, consulting, and entrepreneurship.  Andy has written 5 books and earned 4 degrees, including a Masters in Human Resources Development and a Masters in Marketing, from Webster University.  He has written the award-winning book "Kiss Your Customer: 77 Reasons Why Sales & Service Are Just Like Dating & Relationships" and a latest book “Things LEADERS Say: A Daily Guide to Help Every Leader Empower & Inspire.”